Transcription Services in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Audio transcription is the process of converting speech into text. This service comes in handy for any growing business.

Conference Equipment is a Pretoria/Johannesburg based transcription company, providing high quality audio and video transcription services to clients nationwide in South Africa and worldwide.

Accurate and Cheap Transcription Service

Accuracy is the key to the success of CE Pretoria/Johannesburg transcription services. As a transcription company, we work hard to deliver outstanding quality to every client and that means providing accurate, timely services each time.

Our transcribing services in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Sandton are provided by native speakers of the language being transcribed. We have a network in place of experienced transcriptionists who have a track record of delivering their work on time. Even when faced with tight deadlines, their accuracy does not disappoint. Therefore, clients of our transcription service in Pretoria and Johannesburg and other locations are such loyal, regular customers.

The other factor that we bring to the table when it comes to Pretoria transcription is relevant expertise. This means we assign a language professional who has plenty of experience not just of transcription, but of transcribing the type of content that the client needs.

Sometimes, you may need to convert your company audio files for business or legal purposes. This will require you to seek the services of a professional audio transcriber.

Transcription services are often thought to be only for courtrooms and attorneys’ offices. This is far from the truth. Small businesses can also benefit from using business transcription services. Having your audio recordings and meetings transcribed makes it easy to keep track of confidential messages and notes from the meetings.

At some point, your business may need some files converted into transcripts. For example, you could be looking to create conference/seminar transcripts, interviews, legal hearings, lectures, webinars, and more. To get the work done fast and accurately, you would need professional transcription services

The Turnaround Time

Conference Equipment Transcription Services offers different transcription rates for quicker turnaround times.  What this means is that the sooner you want your work done, the more you pay. Longer turnaround times typically mean you will pay lower rates.

Quality of Your Electronic File

Your file needs to be audible within reasonable standards for its fast and efficient transcription. Various things affect sound quality, such as:

  • Using a low-quality recording device
  • Background noises and distractions
  • Complex subject matter

Speakers with heavy accents

These factors may affect the cost of transcription services. Consider them when coming up with your transcription budget.

We offer:

  • Legal & Court transcription Service – Our experienced team can produce professional court transcripts for the South African Court system and all other levels of the legal system.
  • Medical transcription Service – Manage all your conference, dictation, patient consultation and other transcription needs with CE Transcription’s highly accurate service.
  • Interviews & Investigations transcription Service– Along with our other options, we also offer services for a whole host of investigative and interview purposes. We are experienced at handling confidential requirements such as police or internal investigations.
  • Meetings & Conferences transcription Service – For any meeting or conference, hearing or seminar, our transcriptionists in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town are always available to help. We can provide the services you need to create a record of your event or meeting.
  • Academic Research Transcription Service– Need transcription of the spoken word at UP, Wits or Stellenbosch university or any other university in South Africa? We can provide what you need, whether you are a lecturer, student, PhD student or other faculty or administration member.
Transcription Services Johannesburg

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Transcription Services Johannesburg | Pretoria
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Transcription Services Johannesburg | Pretoria
Transcription Services in Pretoria and Johannesburg, audio transcription is the process of converting speech into text. This service comes in handy for any growing business or entity in South Africa.
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