Meetings & Conferences transcription Service

Accurate and Timely Meetings & Conferences Transcription

Obtaining a written transcription of a conference helps attendees and staff recall important Our details and quotes, after the event.

Our meetings & Conferences transcription Service skilled team of transcribers create highly accurate transcripts of a wide range of proceedings, delivered within a timeframe of your choosing in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town.

We have extensive experience providing meetings and conferences transcription Service whether in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, transcribing many types of conference work, from seminars to conference calls, keynote speakers to Q&A sessions and much more anywhere in South Africa.

CE Transcription offers the perfect solution for your conference needs.

Meetings & Conferences transcription Services

With our Meetings & Conferences transcription Service, you can capture and analyze communication from your participants at a highly affordable rate as well as the accuracy and value of our services with native English speaking transcriptionists.


  • Quickly identify important content, action items, next steps, and assignments without having to review video or take notes 
  • Participants can be fully present; no one has to be distracted taking notes. 
  • No need to bring in a third party to take notes during confidential meetings
  • Transcript or notes can be tailored to the specific goals of your organization and meeting 
  • A non-disclosure agreement signed with every project ensures that your recordings and transcripts will be kept confidential

So why choose CE Transcription?

With extensive experience in keeping minutes of every type, familiarity with legal requirements and, of course – excellent professional capabilities, our professionals will be able to put things in order and make sure that your transcription are clear, lucid and most importantly: Meet all business requirements.

Our in-depth understanding of language, culture and people, along with a reputation based on decades of experience, are also expressed in excellence in recording and transcribing your Meetings & Conferences.

To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.
To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.