Boutique hotels are now very popular due to their distinctive appeal and intimate setting for small conferences. Hence, if you’re organising a small conference, this article will provide you with the top 5 boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg. Boutique hotel conference venues are particularly suitable for small to medium-scale conferences, where a special and memorable ambience, bespoke service and attention to detail are highly valued. These hotels have many benefits that make them different from bigger, more conventional conference centres. It’s therefore, advantageous to hold your conference in boutique hotels in Johannesburg as it’s the lively centre of South Africa. It’s undeniably a busy city that has a range of facilities to choose from. However, the boutique hotels in Johannesburg are distinct treasures that offer a customised and private experience.

The Top 5 Boutique Hotels Available in Johannesburg

  1. Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa: Top-5-Boutique-Hotel-conference-venues-Johannesburg-pretoria-randburg-capetown-durban-hotel
  2.  Fairlawns Boutique Hotel is the best boutique hotel on our list of the top 5 boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg. This hotel is in Morningside, a suburb of Sandton, Johannesburg. Sandton is an upscale and business-oriented area of the city. The hotel offers a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind setting for your conference. Its luxurious gardens, collection of African art, and classy design provide a backdrop that can enhance the atmosphere of your event. Their garden spaces can also serve as ideal breakout areas for networking or relaxation between conference sessions. They further offer modern technology and audiovisual support to ensure that your conference runs smoothly and that presentations are effective.
  3.  Clico Boutique Hotel:Top-5-Boutique-Hotel-conference-venues-Johannesburg-pretoria-sandton-capetown  Clico Boutique Hotel is in a great spot in Rosebank, which is well-known for its proximity to Johannesburg’s business districts, shopping centres and cultural attractions. It’s ideal for both business and leisure travellers. This boutique hotel has small conference and meeting facilities that are suitable for intimate gatherings, workshops, board meetings, and other corporate events. These facilities are perfect for intimate events. The conference rooms come equipped with up-to-date audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi access.
  4. Villa Simonne Boutique Hotel: Top-5-Boutique-Hotel-conference-venues-Johannesburg-capetown-durban-pretoria-2023 Villa Simonne Hotel is a chic and one-of-a-kind hotel situated in the upmarket suburb of Houghton, offering a tranquil and upscale setting for events. With easy access to the Johannesburg commercial district, it is suitable for both domestic and foreign delegates. The hotel typically offers conference facilities suitable for small meetings, workshops, seminars, and intimate gatherings. Boutique hotels are often known for their personalised service. The staff at the hotel can work closely with event organisers to tailor the conference experience to meet specific requirements.
  5. The Peech Boutique Hotel: Top-5-Boutique-Hotel-conference-venues-Johannesburg-pretoria-randburg-capetown-durban-hotel-southafrica The Peech Boutique Hotel is the best eco-friendly hotel on our list of the top 5 boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg. This is an elegant and environmentally-friendly hotel situated in the leafy suburb of Melrose, offering a tranquil and upscale setting for events. Its location is advantageous, being in proximity to Johannesburg’s business hub and other places of interest. The hotel usually provides spaces for gatherings that can accommodate small to medium-sized meetings and events. Two conference facilities are available at the hotel, with the Boardroom accommodating up to 16 guests and the second venue, the Basalt, accommodating up to 25 guests. The hotel’s restaurant, called “The Bistro at The Peech,” is known for its delicious cuisine and can also provide catering services for conference attendees, ensuring a high-quality dining experience during the event.
  6. The Winston Hotel: Top 5 Boutique Hotel conference venues Johannesburg-pretoria-randburg-capetown-durban-hotel-southafrica-2023-2024-southafrica Last but certainly not least on our list of the top 5 boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg is The Winston Hotel. Which is located in the posh neighbourhood of Melrose Estate, offering a peaceful and elegant setting for gatherings. The hotel provides conference amenities that are appropriate for small to medium-sized meetings, seminars, workshops and events. The function rooms can host up to 34 people but can hold up to 60 people for events. They offer different seating options so you can make the most of the space and tailor it to your needs. The team at The Winston Hotel can furthermore assist with the organisation and execution of conferences, assisting with logistics, set-up and any additional requirements.

The Benefits of Boutique Hotel Conference Venues

  • Intimate Atmosphere: Boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg are well known for their personalised service and attention to detail. Hosting your conference in such a setting will ensure that your delegates receive individual attention, resulting in a more positive experience. Boutique hotels often offer the option of exclusive use of their conference facilities, allowing you to have the entire venue to yourself. This makes for a more personal and concentrated setting for your gathering.
  • Versatile Meeting Spaces: Boutique hotels often provide a range of spaces for meetings, such as comfortable lounges, garden terraces, and secluded dining rooms. This flexibility enables you to pick the best location according to your conference objectives.
  • Enhancing Networking: Boutique hotels are smaller and can help encourage better communication and networking between people attending conferences. Intimate lounges and bars within boutique hotels provide excellent spaces for informal discussions and networking outside of formal conference sessions.

Conference Equipment at Your Service!

According to this list of the top 5 boutique hotel conference venues in Johannesburg, we have identified the advantages of choosing a boutique hotel venue for your conference. This makes it easier for you to plan your small conference successfully. In addition to your plans, you may require an interpreter or conference equipment rental if the hotel does not provide these as part of your chosen package. At Conference Equipment, we offer top-notch equipment for events and small conferences to ensure a remarkable impression on your audience.  Our agency will provide an on-site technician or operator to ensure that your conference runs smoothly. We understand that each client’s requirements are unique, so we offer a tailor-made solution. We can even provide you with an interpretation service tailored to your small conference’s objectives, using our highly skilled interpreters. Contact us for more information regarding our services. Email:



Top 5 Boutique Hotel Conference Venues in Johannesburg
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