The popularity of hybrid conferences has skyrocketed in the past few years. This has made it possible for people to attend conferences either on-site or anywhere in the world, thereby changing the dynamics of how conferences are set up. Hybrid conferences have enabled organisers and hosts to reach a wide variety of audiences and broaden engagement. But even with this sudden boom, hybrid conferencing still needs some getting used to. New advancements are added constantly to enhance the experience of hybrid conferences, meaning sometimes mistakes can easily slip by. Well-meaning organisers can easily fall prey to these mistakes and spoil what could’ve been an otherwise successful hybrid conference. This article will help you look out and avoid these mistakes from slipping, by providing you with six mistakes to avoid when organising a hybrid conference in South Africa.

1. Failing to coordinate the conference properly

6 mistakes to avoid when organizing an hybrid conference in south africa-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durbanIt is important that the coordination of the conference runs seamlessly. As an organiser, you should make sure that everyone is available for the conference. That those attending virtually can attend the meeting using the link you provided for them. Make sure you set some kind of reminder for your virtual attendees, so they are able to remember that they have a conference to attend. Confirm that everyone has the correct video conferencing tool for the conference such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and that they are able to navigate through the platform. A good internet connection is also important. 

Part of coordination is also checking that all your hybrid conference equipment work properly, such as your microphone, cameras and screen. Remember this is a hybrid conference with both virtual and on-site attendees, therefore you should facilitate participation and engagement between the two parties. These are usually the kind of mistakes that can easily slip by and by paying particular attention to them they can easily be avoided and your conference can run smoothly.

2. Not having a backup plan

Holding a conference without a backup plan is one mistake you should avoid as an organiser. A backup plan can be in a form of a technician on-site who can help in case of any technical difficulties that may occur. It can be solutions put in place in case something happens, such as having a generator, especially in South Africa due to constant load shedding. Preparing things in advance can also serve as a backup plan, such as making sure the online registration process is easy to follow for your virtual attendees and making sure that all your conference equipment work properly, that way you can avoid any unnecessary disturbances during the conference.

3. Failing to get a proper venue

5 mistakes to avoid when organizing an hybrid conference in south africa-Randburg-Pretoria-CapeTown-Durban-2023-2024Finding a venue that is not suitable for a hybrid conference is one mistake you should avoid. Cape Town and Pretoria have some of the best conference venues in South Africa, which you can book for your hybrid conference. You must get a venue which will have the capability of hosting hybrid conferences. Meaning enough space to fit all your in-person attendees and the necessary equipment that you’ll need for the hybrid conference, such as an interpreter booth and cameras needed for video conferencing. A venue that has a backup generator in case of load shedding and access to the internet. A venue that has restaurants and hotels around its vicinity is also great, especially if the conference is more than a day. Your on-site attendees would appreciate this. 

4. Failing to get an interpreter

Most organisers, often organise hybrid conferences with everything to perfection, but forget that they might have international delegates attending the meeting. These international delegates will most likely need an interpreter. Interpreters are important when it comes to hybrid conferences, they aid in communication and help those who do not understand the source language participate in the conference as well. So remember to get an interpreter when organising a hybrid conference. 

5. Not getting the correct equipment

As an organiser of hybrid conferences, you should be familiar with the equipment used for hybrid conferences. It is important that you get proper equipment, which serves both your virtual and in-person attendees. This refers to the hardware equipment you’ll need, such as microphones, cameras, speakers, headphones, interpreter booths, lighting, power generator, screens etc. And software tools, such as a video conferencing tool, like Zoom or Microsoft Office Teams and internet connection. There’s no conference without conferencing equipment, so this is one mistake to avoid.

6. Time management

5 mistakes to avoid when organizing an hybrid conference in south africa-Pretoria-Hyde-Park-Cape Town-Durban-2023-2024Make sure that you manage your time effectively and efficiently, this is one of the most common mistakes made during hybrid conferences and should be avoided. As an organiser and host of the conference ensure that you have a schedule and agenda prepared beforehand and send it to your attendees. The agenda will outline the topics and issues which will be discussed. With an agenda put in place, you are able to allocate time for presentations, have question and answer sessions and give everyone an equal chance to participate. Remember, avoid going over the time allotted and don’t waste time on unnecessary things. This can be avoided by rehearsing beforehand in order to stick to the time limit.

Try not to pack too much information into one session, this tires your audience quickly. Pace the events taking place appropriately. Doing too much at once will make your attendees lose interest and lower engagement. One way this can be done is by making sure that you have breaks in between and sessions that last at least 45 minutes long and not more than that.   

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Six mistakes to avoid when organisng a hybrid meeting in South Africa
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Hybrid conferences have made it possible for hosts and organisers to engage a wider range of participants. Hybrid conferencing still requires some getting accustomed to, despite the unexpected increase. Hybrid conferences always see improvements, which means mistakes sometimes happen more easily than they should. This article's list of six things to watch out for will help you spot and prevent these blunders from happening when planning a hybrid conference in South Africa.
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