Are you looking for a venue for your next big conference? Compiled below are some of the best conference venues in Pretoria. We know how time-consuming it is to look for a perfect venue and how difficult it can be to choose from a wide plethora of venues, so we did it for you. Pretoria is known as one of the Capitals of South Africa and can attract a lot of business delegates, it’s no surprise that organisations and companies would want to host their conferences in Pretoria. The Jakaranda trees also make for a good tourist attraction with their vivid purple blooms. The conference venues in Pretoria are specifically tailored for big conference meetings and company outings. The venues below have some of the best views and tourist attractions. They offer top-tier conference technology so you can have your conference running seamlessly.

Vodacom World events

Best conference venues in Pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-southafricaVodacom World events is known as a 5-star venue and one of the reasons why is considered one of the best conference venues in Pretoria. Their conference venues are mostly used for seminars, exhibitions and conferences. They have two main conference venues and both have a big enough space on stage to fit all your AV equipment. Each conference venue can host up to 180 guests. The venues have a terrace which your attendees can use during intermissions or have a nice cocktail party after their conference. The conference venue is wheelchair friendly, with lifts between floors, ramps and flat floors to move around easily. They also provide you with virtual venues, which you can use to host remote meetings. 

CSIR Convention Centre

Best conference venues in Pretoria-Sandton-pretoria-capetown-durbanThe CSIR Convention Centre offers venues for seminars, conferences, company functions and exhibitions. They have three auditoriums, which can be set according to your conference theme. The Diamond auditorium can hold up to 150 – 450 delegates. The Ruby auditorium can hold up to 136 attendees and the Emerald Auditorium has a capacity of 100 people. The auditoriums come with podiums, conference equipment, internet connection and soundproof interpreting booths. 

Sun-Times Square

Best conference venues in Pretoria-Midrand-Pretoria-Cape Town-Durban-2023The next venue is Sun-Times Square. It has 13 conference venues, which are used to host conferences, seminars, workshops banquets and galas. What makes it one of the best conference venues in Pretoria is that their venues are designed for international standards and would sure impress your guests. They have 13 conference venues, and each conference room comes with up-to-par conference equipment and can be set up to match the needs of your conference. Their conference rooms can accommodate between 70 to 300 people depending on what venue you choose and the kind of event you are hosting.

Tshwane Events Centre

Best conference venues in Pretoria-Randburg-CapeTown-Durban-south-africaTshwane Events Centre comes next. They are a multipurpose conference centre, which hosts conferences, corporate events, music festivals, congress exhibitions, carnivals, seminars, and sporting events. It has about 11 halls, varying in size and capacity. And has eight conference venues, which can be set out, to match the theme of your conference. Depending on the size of the conference venue, they can host between 210 to 7000 guests. The conference venues come with conference equipment and strong internet connection. They have restaurants, bars, lounges and cocktail reception on-site.

Kievist Kroon Estate

Best conference venues in Pretoria-johannesburg-durban-johannesburg-capetownKievist Kroon is known for its fabulous facilities and luxurious style, not only do they offer conference facilities but they also have a wellness spa and gourmet restaurants, making it one of the best conference venues in South Africa. Their conference venues can hold up to 200+ delegates. They offer tailor-made packages for your conferences. De Kasteel is their largest venue which can hold between 350 to 400 people depending on your set-up. They also offer smaller venues for small gatherings as well.

Sheraton Pretoria Hotel

Best conference venues in Pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-2023Sheraton Pretoria Hotel can host between 4 to 350 attendees, depending on the size of the venue you want and how many guests you’ll be hosting. They offer exquisite scenery with Italian-featured deco. Their conference rooms come with flat-screen TVs, free complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee makers. The conference venue includes 12 event rooms, where you can host your delegates and they can be set up according to your conference needs. They also have sauna services, a gym, pool and they offer massages for your guests as well.

Leriba Hotel

Best conference venues in Pretoria-Sandton-Pretoria-Cape Town-DurbanLeriba Hotel is mostly recommended for tourists and business travellers. They have about 20 venues which offer necessary conference equipment. Besides its fantastic venues, great packages and big enough space, another feature that makes it one the best conference venues in Pretoria is its great view of their indigenous garden outside. This garden would have your guest enamoured. The combined 20 venues can host about 1500 delegates. Their largest venue can host up to 400 people. Their full-day package includes Venue & setup, Full buffet lunch, 3 x tea/coffee breaks with snacks, a Data projector and a PA system.

Centurion Hotel

Best conference venues in Pretoria-Centurion-Capetown-Durban-Pretoria-EastCenturion Hotel overlooks centurion Lake, a great view to share with your guests. Some of their basic rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Their meeting rooms are used to host seminars, conferences, team building and workshops. Their conference venues can hold up to 12 to 250 delegates depending on the size of the room and its set-up.

Conference Equipment Rental Solutions

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