What To Consider When Selecting Conference Room Audio Equipment


Conference Room Audio Equipment: The Four Major Factors Conference room audio equipment is what powers a call, and when it is selected, installed and configured carefully, it makes the conversation flow naturally and clearly. Audio conferencing remains an essential part of collaboration, according to a 2015 survey published by Wainhouse Research. That survey found that the use of audio conferencing doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 78 billion minutes of use to 150 billion minutes of use. The survey’s respondents cited reduced costs, better usability, better availability and the rise of the remote employee as reasons for adopting audio conferencing. [...]

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What Is An Audio Visual Specialist?


An audio visual specialist knows how AV can solve problems, and how to best set up CE systems to provide the ideal solution. According to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA, the AV industry is expected to grow past the R300 Trillion threshold by 2020, and much of that growth is in services. That’s important, because a reputable audio visual specialist is more than just an equipment provider – they also provide planning, ongoing support and maintenance for their clients’ projects. How an Audio Visual Specialist Improves the Integration Process Audio visual specialists don’t just sell products – [...]

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